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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pumpkin Dog Cookies

It turns out PUMPKIN, a faithful addition to pies, soups, and cakes, works a certain enzyme magic on stomach irritation in dogs. Does it work on people? I don’t know.
Another couple of interesting facts, PARSLEY is great for your dog's breath and MINT is an excellent anti-depressant for your dogs too.
Now my 3M's will just about eat anything, but I wanted to see if I could make it a treat for them.
The review is in - paw licking delicious!
I hope your fury kids like my recipe for PUMPKIN DOG COOKIES as much as Mac, Maesie and Mattie do....

2 eggs
½ cup mashed pumpkin
2 tbsp. dry milk powder
¼ tsp. sea salt - optional
2½ cups brown rice flour or rye flour (you can use wholemeal)
1 tbsp. dried parsley or mint - optional
1 tbsp. honey - optional
Preheat oven to 180° C (350° F).
In large bowl, whisk together eggs and pumpkin to smooth consistency.
Stir in dry milk, and any or all of optional ingredients.
Add flour gradually, combining with spatula or hands, to form a stiff, dry dough.
Turn out onto lightly floured surface and knead lightly until mixture comes together smoothly.
Roll dough to ½ inch thickness and cut using desired cookie cutters.
Knead scraps lightly, re-roll and cut shapes, continuing this process until all dough is used.
Place shapes on paper lined cookie sheet. If desired, use tines of fork to decorate, lightly pressing down to only halfway through dough.
Bake 20 minutes. Remove from oven and carefully turn biscuits over, then return to oven and bake an additional 20 minutes.
Allow to cool completely on wire rack.

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  1. These look so good - I'm going to try cooking them for my dog, Csu Csu.