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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mondayitis & Do animals comprehend death?

How wonderful was it not to be woken at 5:30 a.m. this morning by the alarm. Vlad is on annual leave - yippee! I woke at 8:20 - I don't think it will happen again tomorrow morning though. Our plan for today was we were going to take the dogs to the beach, but the weather was overcast and there was a fine mist of rain, so no beach. It was an uneventful day really, a typical Monday, spent winding down after the weekend. Mac and Maesie seemed quite happy to have Vlad home. Mac is definitely Vlad's dog, though I know he loves me, he lives for the attention Vlad lavishes on him. He followed Vlad around like a magnet all morning, every move Vlad made, Mac was right there, it's so funny to watch him. On a normal Monday, he usually sulks for most of the day, until he hears Vlad's car turning into our driveway, then he instantly springs to life. Traitor he is.
As sad as it sounds, I often wonder how animals cope with death. OK I know, I said it's sad, and it's bad enough for us to cope with, but we comprehend the finality, how does that work for an animal, how do they, if they do that is, comprehend the person they loved, and they do love, is never coming back to them. Do they sense our pain and somehow understand? It's a sad thought, but one most animal lovers would have probably thought about at some time in their lives. I recently read two fantastic books, one was "All My Children Wear Fur Coats, by Peggy R. Hoyt, and the other, When Your Pet Outlives You by David Congalton & Charlotte Alexander. I would certainly recommend each of these books to any animal lover.
I managed to spend some time this afternoon playing around on PhotoShop, for the life of me, I can't work it out, layers and filters and styles and adjustments and Noise, what is that? The list goes on - I did manage to make some blog templates though, so hopefully I will load one up in the next day or two, that is if I get time. I think Vlad already has my day planned for me tomorrow, let me see, how many days until he goes back to work............

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