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Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Friday - & that guilty feeling

Well here it is Friday - has this week flown by or what?
Did we achieve all we set out to do while Vlad was on annual leave? Maybe not, but who cares in the big picture.
I've got to be honest - there were definitely times this week when I felt GUILTY. It just didn't feel right to want to check my emails or even to take the time to write something in my Blog. For some reason, I felt I should be doing something 'constructive" while Vlad was home. It's not as if we had any major plans for the week. We wanted to do some maintenance things around here, the kind of things that required four hands instead of two. Spend time with the dogs. There were a few MUST DO's, a few MAYBE's and a few WOULD like to DO, but there were no major plans.
So why each morning, as I turned my laptop on, did a feeling of guilt come over me? Kind of like naughty, naughty, you know there are other things you should be doing than this. Does anyone else experience similar feelings, when their significant other half is home on vacation time or whenever really? Shouldn't each of us be allowed a certain amount of "my" time, even if the "rules" change? Why shouldn't we be allowed to do anything we please, when we please and NOT FEEL GUILTY?
Did I achieve all the things I usually do in the week? Did the grocery shopping get done, the laundry, the housework, three meals a day (OK sometimes only two), catch up with friends, the hairdresser? YES, YES, YES and YES. Most important though, did I get to spend quality time with Vlad? A resounding YES! Still, every time I sat down this past week, I thought, is he thinking, so this is what she does all day! What is wrong with me? Why do I think this way? Is it GUILT and if so, WHY?
So how much am I looking forward to next week, when Vlad goes back to work? A whole bunch!
It's back to what doesn't get done today, gets done tomorrow. Isn't that what retirement is all about?
Only 4 more weeks to his next vacation time - I'm so excited - #!&!!!

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