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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Aural Haemotoma's & training....

Our beautiful fury family, Mac, Maesie and Matilda, aka the "M's", aka our three Golden Retrievers, are all doing great. 
Mac and Maesie are now 10 and 11 years old respectively and Miss Matilda or Til Til as we call her, is now 18 months old.
What's been happening in their lives.....

First, let's talk about Mac. He developed an Aural Haematoma, basically a large blood blister in the underside of his ear flap. He was successfully operated on, but the stress of the operation and the anaesthesia, when combined with his age, really took it's toll on him.  It has taken months, but thankfully he seems his happy self. 
Let's now move to second....As if not to be outdone, Maesie decided, if Mac can do it, so can she.  She also developed an Aural Haematoma. 
OK, now I'm thinking I may need to explain just how these Aural Heamatoma's develop. When a pet scratches its ear or shakes its head vigorously in an effort to rid itself of an itch/irritation, it may unknowingly cause some damage to the ear flap. As a result, an accumulation of fluid can often build up between the skin layers and the ear flap, a blood blister, or as it is medically known, a Aural Haematoma forms. 
After our experience with Mac's haematoma/surgery/recovery, we were really hesitant to put Maesie through the same trauma, so it was a relief when our Vet suggested he would prefer not to operate, but to monitor her. Now several months and Vet visits later, Maesie and her ear are doing great. The blood in the blister has slowly been reabsorbed and apart from a little scaring to her inside ear flap, she is doing great. No trauma.
How I wish we were given the same option or that we decided against surgery with Mac's ear. Lessons learned though. 
Now on to Miss I mentioned earlier, our dear Til Til is 18 months old. She is an absolute treasure, such a loveable girl, so happy with her life, her tail always wagging. It's great to see her with Mac and Maesie, she adores them. She has learnt so much from them, picked up many of their mannerisms, mostly good. 
It's beautiful to watch them interact, amazing to see how much they have come to rely on one another. 
Thanks to Holdfast Dog Centre, Til Til made it through to secondary school in her training. She absolutely loved going to her lessons, so much so, it became a battle to get her to come home after each lesson. No easy undertaking lifting her into my SUV, especially as she weighs 40 kgs.  
I guess you could say, it's been a good year for our fury family.

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