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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vlad's trick photography....

What would it be like to have 4 Maccer's sitting in our lounge room?
Vlad made it happen with a little trick photography.
Seeing this photo, made me think, could I handle 4 of Mac? He runs/rules this house as it is....everything revolves around Vlad's favorite boy.
I took a minute to think about it, yes that long, and the answer is a resounding.......YES!
He was such a beautiful puppy, and is now such a LOVING, GIVING DOG.
I also thought back to when Mac and Maesie had their puppies.
Mac was always a paws on Dad, right from the moment Maesie gave birth to puppy number 1, Archie. He stayed right there, alongside her until their 13th puppy, Maurie was born and she was finally done. She rested, but not Mac, he stayed, watching over all of them, with love and absolute fascination. He was a beautiful, beautiful new Dad.
As the puppies grew, it was such fun to watch him interact with them and they in turn, LOVED their Dad.
When the time came for them to go to their new families, I'm sure he missed them just as much as Vlad and I did.
Maesie, well she was well and truly over it all, she birthed them, fed them and then happily sent them on their merry way without even a goodbye lick.
They were good days.......starting me thinking, I might like a new puppy.....

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